V4.9 & V5 Installation instructions

set for V4.5 kits and all Brough H2b and F2b kits that utilize OEM slave cylinders. NOTE: if you have an older kit or are not sure of your version email us and we will refer you in the right direction. BroughPerformance@gmail.com

Phase 1:

Starter hole and front transmission bracket mod.

STEP 1 starterSTEP 2a starter

STEP 2b starter

STEP 4a starter

STEP 4b starter


 Phase 1B: UPDATE 

crank mod for pilot bearing clearance.

Our kits NO LONGER require a special pilot bearing unless otherwise noted. You will need to dish the center of your crank (flywheel side) approximately 2 mm inward and 2mm deep. This dish is to make clearance for your OEM b-series pilot bearing. DO NOT GRIND EXCESSIVELY! Bolting the flywheel down without the proper pilot bearing to crank clearance can result in a cracked/damaged bearing and or flywheel! Please watch the following vid

Phase 2:

Slave cylinder install, Top transmission bracket preparation.


Rear starter bolt, frontal bracket, rear tab, slave cylinder, half shaft plate, and top trans bracket install video



Phase 4: Halfshaft plate installation

Follow the instructions in the videos for installation procedures. The following phase is for all v3.7 h2b and f2b kits. If your half shaft plate is 1/4 inches thick then you have a v3.7 or later kit. If your plate is 3/8 inches thick then you have a v3.5 or older kit, and will not need to follow these instructions.  NOTE: IN MOST CASES of v3.7 and newer kits, grinding the oil galley castings on the back of the block to make clearance for the heads of the supplied carriage bolts is no longer necessary!! Only grinding for axle boot, boot clamp, and halfshaft is needed!


Phase X: Chassis Notes

For Ek 96-00 civic Installation it is necessary to raise your driver side engine mount cage upward using the 3 supplied 5/8in nuts. The nuts are to be placed/mounted between the chassis and the mount cage!  This is necessary in order for your engine to sit evenly. We do not supply the bolts needed for your cage mount as you will need a custom size to match your mount design and application. The bolts needed will need to be a minimal of around 2 inches of bolt/stud body (not including head of the bolt). Usually some of the factory Honda AC/ALT bolts are the perfect length for this. Please refer to the pics below for installation. NOTE: For ek civics our kits require the use of an innovative mounts 3 bolt post B/D series mount. Click here for a link to the manufacture.