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The following vids are for V1 and V2 h2b and f2b kits. No matter which kit you have, please completely watch all videos before you attempt your install. If you have a v3 and newer kit, watch the vids and then refer –HERE- before you attempt to install. Feel free to contact us directly at!


Brough Performance Youtube channel

H2b and F2B adapter kit installation guide 1 of 3

H2b and F2B adapter kit installation guide 2 of 3

H2b and F2B adapter kit installation guide 3 of 3

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  2. Nikolay

    Hello! I have a 98 rd-1 cr-v. Im looking into your kit. my question is what kit do I use for this swap. Is it the same as 96-00 civik ek ?

    1. Brad Post author

      Hi sir,

      Unfortunately this type of kit will not work with the crv transmission. There is a shop in Modesto that is attempting to modify our h2b kit to work on a crv. We will post details in the customers rides link on our website!

      Thank you!

  3. juan

    I have a 97 ek. Im looking into your kit. But my question is what mount do I use for this swap. Is it the same as any h22 swap or ? B series swap. Mount cause of the transmission

    1. Brad Post author


      The Brough performance kit has many benefits! The hood and ground clearance are similar to a standard B-series swap. No hood ramping is required on most chassis. Also, there is no need for custom oil pans, custom headers, special mounts, grinding or cutting/ modifying frame rails, nor shock tower notching. Plus, oem timing components such as the balancer shafts, timing cover, and oem dampener pulley can be used. You have the ability to change the timing belt with the motor in the car, and axle angle is identical to b-series. We have some customers who have actually installed their factory ac and ps back into some chassis!

      Feel free to contact us for and questions or concerns!

  4. amthony

    Hi my name is anthony…I am an EF owner an was wondering if a kit was available for the EF chassis..if possible I would like to speak with a rep. for more info and pricing and availability. I am very interested in purchasing this product… Thank you

    1. Brad Post author

      Hey Sam!
      We currently do not have a kit for the EF chassis. We will have one in development with in the next 8 months. If you would like a “one off” manufactured EF kit ASAP please contact us for further details. Thanks Sam!

      1. Brad Post author

        Hey! We are about %75 done with the kit! Please like and subscribe to the Brough Performance facebook page for real-time updates and details on release. It will be out very shortly!


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